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Project Ideas by Topic

This section will soon include a collection of project ideas organized by topic with pages you can download and print in PDF format. We're working on it! In the meantime check out our Science Links page for links to other great on-line resources.

Need Help with Your Science Fair Project?

Finding the Science in Everyday Life
Doing a science fair project does not have to be a drag. Instead of searching the internet for someone else’s idea, try finding the science in something you are interested in.

Are you a skateboarder? There is plenty of physics involved in the friction on the board surface and design of shoe soles, the spring in the board, the rotation of the wheels, the features of specific tricks like time in air, height of ramp and so on.

Are you an athlete? You have a sport and a body to analyze. Heart rate, aerobic capacity, specific training goals, equipment design and function are all possibilities.

Do you like farming or gardening? From soil conditions and analysis to plant growth and pests, plant genetics to crop optimization, there are lots of possibilities in our province. Nova Scotia Agricultural College does active research and has an experimental farm.

You may be suprised to learn that NSCC has green technology specialists at many campuses. Musicians have an inside tract on intrument construction, sound quality, and recording technology to name a few.

Are you a postage stamp collector? Paper, inks, tagging dyes, printing techniques and more topics are all possible. An equestrian? You have great prospects for photo analysis. There is science in almost everything you might be interested in.

And by the way, a good project does NOT have a tidy ending. Most real experiments lead to more questions that need to be investigated.

Your project should be judged based on the quantity and quality of your work and the strength of your analysis and interpretation. Knowing where your work leads in other experiments is an important result.

Try to come up with a “personal” project, and do not be discouraged by the time it takes to decide. The “pros” say picking the project is the hardest part. If you need a hint, the internet is crowded with science fair material. A lot of it is old and not very good. If you need a tip, start with the following links.



Renewable Energy Prize
Once again, The Department of Energy would like to award science fair projects that focus on renewable alternatives to nuclear and fossil fuels. One prize of $150 will be awarded for each level ( Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) at each of the Regional Fairs to the project that meets a level of excellence.

Agricultural Award
The Department of Agriculture is pleased to announce a new award for Junior Level science fair projects One project from each of the Regional Science Fairs will be selected for its outstanding contribution to the advancement of agriculture. The winning projects will be awarded $100.

For more information please visit: http://www.gov.ns.ca/agri/agaware/


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