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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

The Secret Life of Spice

Student: Natalie Fisher

District/Region: Chignecto Central Region

Event: 2009 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 10 - South Colchester Academy

This project studied the effects of antimicrobial properties. Two spices were tested, (Paprika, and Oregano), to find if they could inhibit the growth of either a gram-negative bacteria, or a gram-positive bacteria.

The results were that Organic Paprika can inhibit the growth of Pseudomonas putida a gram-negative bacteria, and also Staphylococcus epidermis a gram-positive bacteria, at 8%, better then the other substances tested.

2009 CWSF
  • Honourable Mention - Life Sciences Intermediate

Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher - The Secret Life of Spice

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