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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

The Spill On Dawn

Student: Roman Koszucki

District/Region: Annapolis Valley Region

Event: 2010 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 7 - Wolfville Junior High.

This project investigated how well dish detergents, in particular Dawn, are at removing oil from bird's feathers. Feathers were weighed, dipped in oil, washed, rinsed, dried and reweighed.

The assessment was based on 3 responses: feather condition, feather structure and oil removed. Six detergents were initially evaluated using three feathers each. The best two were then compared using thirteen feathers. It was determined that Dawn was the best because it removed the most oil and was the most gentle.

2010 CWSF
  • Honourable Mention - Life Sciences - Junior Division

Roman Koszucki

Roman Koszucki - The Spill On Dawn

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