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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Can Stress Bring Out the Best?

Student: Elise Tessier

District/Region: Annapolis Valley Region

Event: 2010 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 12 - West Kings District High School

In this project, spinach was grown under different light intensities and durations to determine if bioactive compounds can be enhanced in an environmentally friendly manner without compromising the crop yield.

Results concluded that light intensities and durations can be used to produce plants with increased bioactive levels without affecting quantity. The potential to tailor plants by increasing specific bioactive compounds, including those with antioxidant functions, could result in combating many diseases including some cancers.

2010 CWSF
  • Gold Medal - Life Sciences - Senior Division
  • The Manning Innovation Achievement Award ($500)
  • The Actuarial Foundation of Canada Award ($1000)
$32000.00 in Scholarships
  • Dalhousie University ($4000)
  • University of Western Ontario ($4000)
  • University of British Columbia Science ($4000)
  • University of Ottawa ($20,000)

Elise Tessier

Elise Tessier - Can Stress Bring Out the Best?

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