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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Achieving International CO2 Targets with a Bees Inspired OA & ANNs

Student: Arash Marzi

District/Region: Strait District

Event: 2010 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 11 - Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional School

Due to sporadic climate change and global warming, there is an urgent need to reduce CO2 emission and nation's leaders' have signed international protocols with the intent to reduce their nation's carbon footprint. This study focuses on the application of the bees algorithm, embedded with an artificial neural network, to determine practical yearly reductions for minimizing oil, natural gas, and coal emissions in Canada's manufacturing sector based on the Copenhagen Targets for Canada for 2020.

2010 CWSF
  • Gold Medal - Computing & Information Technology - Senior Division
  • $32,000 in Scholarships: University of Ottawa $20, 000 - Dalhousie University $4000 - UBC Science (Vancouver) $4000 - The University of Western Ontario $4000

Arash Marzi

Arash Marzi - Achieving International CO2 Targets with a Bees Inspired OA & ANNs

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