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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Fledglings and Fleas

Student: Ria Van der Linden

District/Region: Strait District

Event: 2010 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 11 - Chedabucto Education Centre-Guysborough Academy

The purpose of this project was to determine if ectoparasite loads (number of fleas) had an effect on the number of hatchlings that survived to fledge (leave the nest).

My hypothesis was that the greater the ectoparasite loads the fewer hatchlings that would survive to fledge. My observations/results did not support my hypothesis. Although there is some evidence that survival to fledge may have more to do with the adaptability of Tree Swallows, and it would be an interesting topic for further study.

2010 CWSF
  • Silver Medal - Life Sciences - Senior Division
  • $9000.00 in Scholarships: University of Western Ontario $2000 - University of Ottawa $3000 - Dalhousie University $2000 - University of British Columbia $2000

Ria Van der Linden

Ria Van der Linden - Fledglings and Fleas

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