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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Searching for Neuroprotectants in Natural Compound

Student: Adrian Howie

District/Region: Halifax Region

Event: 2011 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 10 - Citadel High School

The purpose of this project is to identify neuroprotectant compounds in potatoes that have potential to both reduce the damage caused by stroke and save lives. When potato extracts were tested in a mouse cell stroke model, several extracts showed some neuroprotection. To determine if the protection is linked to effects on neural pathways a new model for stroke was developed for zebra fish. The results from this new zebra fish assay included one extract that could reduce stroke damage by 40%. This extract has potential as a mitigant for damage from stroke and merits further research.
  • Excellence Award - Senior - Silver Medal
  • Dalhousie University Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship $2500
  • UBC Science (Vancouver) Entrance Award $2000
  • University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship $2000
  • Western University Entrance Scholarship $2000
Total: $9,200

Adrian Howie

Adrian Howie - Searching for Neuroprotectants in Natural Compound

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