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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Noises Beware; My Decibel Meter is Listening!!

Student: Kirsten Ernst

District/Region: South Shore District

Event: 2011 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 9 - Bayview Community School

Did you know that a normal classroom should only be 35 decibels? My project investigated classroom noise levels; using a dBA meter (for recording noises anywhere). Classrooms ranged between 40 to sometimes 100+decibels!! Memory tests were than created to see the effects on students; when extra noise was generated between a quiet and loud setting. Test scores dropped between 7-40%!! Then; I asked 'How can classrooms be adjusted to better help student and teacher needs; while minimizing noise; and accommodating different learning and personality styles?'; coming up with a classroom floor plan based on my current results. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project!!
  • Excellence Award - Intermediate - Bronze Medal
  • Western University Entrance Scholarship $1000
Total: $1,300

Kirsten Ernst

Kirsten Ernst - Noises Beware; My Decibel Meter is Listening!!

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