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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Extreme Immobilization

Student: Megan Smith & Charlotte Donaldson

District/Region: Chignecto Central Region

Event: 2011 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 11 - Hants East Rural High School

While participating in the National Lifeguarding Course, it was realized that children requiring spinal rescues in aquatic situations, do not receive adequate immobilization. Due to structural flaws in the standard spinal board, immobilization is only effective on adult sized bodies. A template board was created with an improved design, and tested at a pool facility. Immobilization advances were measured quantitatively, by the amount that the victim inadvertently slid down the board during removal. On the improved design, the maximum distance a child slid was .5 cm vs. the original 4cm. The improved design also facilitated immobilization for adult's victims.
  • Excellence Award - Senior - Bronze Medal
  • The Manning Innovation Achievement Award $4500
  • University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship $1000
  • Western University Entrance Scholarship $1000
Total: $6,800

Megan Smith & Charlotte Donaldson

Megan Smith & Charlotte Donaldson - Extreme Immobilization

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