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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Finding Natural Fire Retardant Solutions

Student: Peter Issekutz

District/Region: Halifax Region

Event: 2012 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Grade 9 - Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart

Potential natural alternatives to harmful chemical fire retardants were examined. Cotton squares were soaked in test solutions and exposed to a flame The amount burned after 15 secs was evaluated. Grape juice and lime juice, especially in combination, were potent fire retardants. Lanolin and horseradish were less effective. This project demonstrated that fruit juices, or their components, are potential alternatives to chemical fire retardants!
  • Excellence Award - Intermediate - Bronze Medal
  • Western University Entrance Scholarship $1000
Total: $1,300

Peter Issekutz

Peter Issekutz - Finding Natural Fire Retardant Solutions

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