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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

The Economizer: Harnessing Waste Heat Using a Stirling Engine

Student: Oliver Hatheway & Darren Rodenhizer

District/Region: South Shore District

Event: 2007 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Oliver and Darren are students at Park View Education Centre and the purpose of their project was to explore multiple technologies in order to harness wasted heat energy in a novel way.

This was accomplished by constructing a Gamma Stirling Engine, which runs on a temperature differential. The engine converted heat to kinetic energy, then into electrical energy. The engine was then incorporated into an automobile design. In conclusion, it is possible to harness heat-energy.

Their project earned the Petro-Canada Peer Innovation Award and an Honourable Mention in Automotive Sciences at the 2007 Canada-Wide Science Fair in Truro. They are two young Nova Scotian's celebrating science and discovery. Congratulations Oliver & Darren!

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Oliver Hatheway & Darren Rodenhizer

Oliver Hatheway & Darren Rodenhizer - The Economizer: Harnessing Waste Heat Using a Stirling Engine

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