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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Sinking the CO2

Student: Adrian Howie

District/Region: Halifax Region

Event: 2008 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Adrian is a grade 9 student at Saint Agnes Junior High School, and his project 'Sinking the CO2' was used to measure the CO2 sequestration of five species of algae. At his Regional Science Fair, Adrian won an Award in Mathematics, an Award in Biology, and an Award for Excellence.

Aquatic Ecosystems contain billions of phytoplankton, microscopic plants that are the base of aquatic food chains. These tiny plants have the ability to sequester, or permanently absorb, CO2 from the environment which prevents that CO2 from entering the atmosphere and contributing to the greenhouse effect. Factors that affect CO2 sequestration include temperature and species of algae.

Adrian designed a series of experiments to measure the CO2 sequestration of five species of unicellular algae, Isochrysis, Pavlova, Tetraselmis, Chlorella, and Scenedesmus, under different temperatures.

At the Nationals Adrian was awarded a Bronze Medal in Earth and Environmental Sciences and a scholarship to the University of Western Ontario. Congratulations, Adrian!

Adrian Howie

Adrian Howie - Sinking the CO2

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