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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

The Unseen Benefactors

Student: Macall Robinson

District/Region: Annapolis Valley Region

Event: 2008 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Macall is a student at West Kings District High School and he did his project, 'The Unseen Benefactors', on the symbiotic relationship with coral and adinoflagellate algae called zooanthellae.

Macall examined nine different species of corals and one pest anemone under a high powered microscope to see which species of coral/anemone would contain the most zooxanthellae algae and what the different corals/anemone were relying on for food. Then he compared the growth of the different species of corals.

At his Regional Science Fair, Macall won First place overall, an Enviro Expo VIA Rail Award, a Harvard Club Award, a Clean Annapolis River Award, a Blomidon Naturalists Award, a Dalhousie University Entrance Scholarship of 1500 dollars, an Agricultural College Scholarship of 1,000 dollars, and the Best Life Science project Award.

Congratulations, Macall!

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