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Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Alysha Light 24

Student: Alysha Legge-Wood

District/Region: Annapolis Valley Region

Event: 2008 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Alysha is a student at Hantsport School. Her project, 'Alysha Light 24', was to create heat using only renewable energy and mainly recycled materials.

Alysha designed and constructed a functioning solar heater powered only by the sunís energy. The heater was designed to fit in the window of a personís home. A solar-powered fan draws in cold air from outside, sends it through a series of aluminum heating coils and forces the warm air out into the room. Alysha used recycled Styrofoam, pop cans, and an old fan to construct her invention, as well as a photo voltaic solar panel and a digital temperature gauge which she purchased for under $20.

At her Regional Science Fair, Alysha won a Gold Medal and a Nova Scotia Power Innovation Award of 250 dollars.

Congratulations, Alysha!

Alysha Legge-Wood

Alysha Legge-Wood - Alysha Light 24

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